ABAP: Message variables in the error longtext

In ABAP throwing a normal error message with parameters that show up in the text is pretty straight-forward.

    MESSAGE e030(zmessageclass) WITH |{ lv_var1 DECIMALS = 0 NUMBER = user }| lv_var2 lv_var3 lv_var4.

You can even use string templates to format your values. But getting these variables to show up in the long text (The F1 help) is a bit more tricky.

When you are editing you long text, go to Edit -> Command -> Insert (or CTRL+F9) and use the "Symbols" textfield to add the symbol &V1& to your long text. &V1& corresponds to your first variable which is passed to the message, so you can easily count up to &V4& with these symbols. This works regardless of the type of editor you use and is the only way to get message variables into your long text.